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Rebel Business Management What we do - Rebel Business Management

What we do

Rebel with us!

Grow Your Business

It’s all about growth. If you are at the same level next year, you have probably lost shares to your competitors. We ensure growth in your company by giving your strategy, systems, processes within the sales departments a prober analysis, and return an honest overview of new efficient approaches and pitfalls, your company should avoid. This gives you the best tools to grow. 

Execution is The Key

We do more than train and teach employees in a classroom. We make things happen. We change habits. We change mindsets. We make sure that the taught materials will be used in the field. We do not charge by the hour. We make changes by getting very close to the individual employee and coach him to follow the new approach. This gives results!

Grow Your Team

We work with teams and individuals. It does not matter, if you have 1 or 100 employees in your sales department. We will take care of everybody and give the individual employee the right tools to reach his or her targets. By involving us in the hands daily day, we ensure implementation of the added tools. Our results include a 300% growth in turnover done by the same sales reps. Contact us to find out, what we can do for you.

We Go Everywhere

During the first year, Rebel Consultants delivered services in six countries. The number grows every year. We understand the cultural challenges and we are ready to fight the misunderstandings and habits, that makes changes impossible – in the head of the individual mindset.

Top notch support

We do not give up! We are ready to be responsible for the results we promise. Your success is our success. We often work from a cure concept. We keep on fighting until the results are delivered. Old fashioned consulting business is out of the question. We fight for the result – not the money in our pocket.

Like A Boss

What do you do, when your Sales Manager suddenly quit and no one is able to fulfill the position? Rebel consultants have been sales Managers themselves and know what it takes to sit down and take control of a sales team. Let us help you make the vacuum cause as little damage as possible and onboard the new manager in the best way.

All That We Can Do...

Please contact us!